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'Dartboard approach' is not hitting the right target

Q: I have a 2006 Dodge Dakota that has a whirring nose that appears to be coming from the gas tank area. One mechanic diagnosed the problem as a bearing in the differential. He replaced all parts but the noise was still there. A very reputable transmission company diagnosed the problem as trouble in the overdrive and totally rebuilt the transmission with all new parts. After I spent $4,000, the noise is still there. A mechanic friend said that it was something in the fuel pump. He had that same type of noise in his Dodge Dakota. He replaced the fuel pump in his truck. Problem solved. Do you think that the fuel pump is the problem? The transmission company volunteered to install a new fuel pump for free, but I would have to pay for the pump. I am OK with that, but I felt that I need one more person to help me out.

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